About us:

Thanks to all the people who rely on this team are somany people who would not give the day or night to thank them. Our great team mates, all pride and excellent work.

We are not policemen. We are a nonprofit organization, 501 c3 that are certified as researchers Cruelty of Animals for the Care Devolopment Institute of the State of New Jersey and abalado by the Department of Health of Puerto Rico and our registration number as an entity is: 317806.

We want to make a change regarding the vision for the treatment of animals. All animals have rights, including the existence, respect, attention, care and protection of the human being. They have a law that protects them is Law # 154 of August 4, 2008; Law for the Welfare and Protection of Animals.​

Investigate any information that comes to us about abuse and / or neglect. We work confidentially. If there is a complaint be filed abuse to the police for the filing of criminal charges. As we witness in the case.
Raise awareness in our society, the abuse, the importance of the adoption, sterilization and general health of these.

Using as a means of social networks, communications, offering guidance in schools, communities, government agencies and other nonprofit institutions.

Reaching consciousness, feelings, compassion, sensitivity, empathy and goodwill of our society in Puerto Rico where life and animal rights respected.