How we work

We work through information we receive through calls, e-mail. We are not policias.Todo remains anonymous. ANIMALS NOT COLLECT.

  • Information should never be posted on computer networks, research that is affected. As ?, Affected Networks are spacious and well at some point reach the information that are watching.
  • Do not try anything with the animal or animals, not take them food, they can affect.
  • If you do not have shelter, they are all day in the sun and rain, if they have water, they are very weak and sick, make complaint.
  • The first visit is for guidance and corroborate complaint.
  • The econd visit is to verify that all the recommendations were implemented.
  • The third visit is in the company of the police.
  • If the abuse is real and we have to remove animals, prepare the report, photos and we proceed to the police complaint and diligence search warrant, first prosecution and then the Judicial Center.
  • By that time, we have to be where those animals that will be removed, with direction and place name veterinarian. Judge / a, as requested. Without that you can not be removed.
  • Throughout the process, they, the abusers are innocent until Judge / a, dictates the prosecution in the judicial process.
  • The abusers pay veterinary expenses and lodging.
  • We believe that if you can not have him vaccinated and minimal care, should not have animals.

Or confidential information, you should always come up with the following information:

  • ​Right direction and reach the place as
  • Photos, if possible
  • Contact number (phone) this is confidential.

​In the research process we assess the scene and evidence rises.

  • Photos
  • neighborhood

The primary responsibility of our officers investigating animal cruelty is:

  • ​Protect the animal sparing more suffering.
  • Educate the guardian (owner) of the animal.

​We have several resources to investigate cases of abuse:

  • O.I.C.A certified members and volunteers.
  • Police
  • family Department
  • Natural resource department
  • Health Department
  • veterinarians
  • Prosecutions (Department of Justice)
  • Court
  • lawyers